Friday, 16 October 2015

separuh aku dirimu

Dan terjadi lagiKisah lama yang terulang kembaliKau temukan lagiDari cinta rumit yang kau jalani
Aku ingin kau merasaKamu mengerti aku mengerti kamuAku ingin kau sadariCintamu bukanlah dia
Dengar larakuSuara hati memanggil namamuKarena separuh akuDirimu
Ku ada di siniPahamilah kau tak pernah sendiriKarena aku selalu
Di dekatmu saat engkau terjatuh
Aku ingin kau merasaKamu mengerti aku mengerti kamuAku ingin kau sadariCintamu bukanlah dia
Dengar larakuSuara hati memanggil namamuKarena separuh akuDirimu
Dengar larakuSuara hati ini memanggil namamuKarena separuh akuMenyentuh laramuSemua lukamu telah menjadi lirihkuKarena separuh akudirimu~~
currently i stuck whit this song. NOAH cover by kessamus and i dont know why ... but i guess it is suite to my life... ok lets start the story.. the times had quickly fly.. and suddenly i just recognized it is 6th week of 8 semester... bundle.. not bundle... LOTSSS of work need to settle down.... but i just dont have any courage to finished all the mess!!... moreover i only had 2 days classes.. and the left just being like HOLIDAY>> nice holiday on my bed... hahhahaha... ini la yg dikatakan.... buang masa.. i know it is a bad habbit.. .. and i also love balik kampung setiap minggu.. walaupun kerja banyak.. tapi bila balik melaka... semua stress tu hilang...
hihi ok stop there,,, mls nak cerita tentang kerja University.. just go on with the flow... ala just tinggal 9 minggu je kat UPSI ni.. esok2 tak mai da~~ kahkahkah.. malam tadi boleh pulak terfikir nak naik KTM senandung and feel like to travel at penang~~~ alone... i try to contact affidah. but she's being busy .. hehehe good luck affidah!!.. so... tenung dinding.. katil... memang sgt malas nk bergerak menaip asgment... suddenly tika my roomate ckp.... hmmm kesian tgok khai ni..... x dpt g penang ...( sbb takot gak g sorang)... soooo ape kate esok kite gi mandi air terjun!! sg bil slim river.... here i come... hehehehhehe
 actually teringin nak luangkan masa with all my frens.. because i know i had limited time to rasa all of these moment~~~ sight~~ just cannot told u everything~~~..
huhu. and right now also..  i really miss my part of heart.. acececeh.. huhuhu x logik kan busy sampai satu bulan.. just because of final project.. i know kita x sama im doing education.. and u are currently doing some type of shipping and so on~~.. but i love spending my time with 'U'... kadang2 rasa macam bercinta dengan one of APP dlm telfon yg digelar " SImSimi" kot~~ huhu sbb its just me who always text u first!,, hahaha

sangat pathetic !! sadis~~~ nevermind.. SimSimi nak layan sayeEE

every night i will text u,, in hope u will reply.. but u only reply..... with smiley emoticons!... orrrrrrrr................ the word .'OK'.. what Ok?? im not Okay at all u knowww... hahaha.. but just pretended to be a strong girl... " BIG GIRL DONT CRY huh~"

never mind.. mybe right now u doest not realize how important spending times with me! hahaha... i know.. u will regret later.. if u read this.. dont cry... i just only a dwarf girl who need some love~~.. some...

 counting the days... i need to do an operation... but i am afraid to do so... its because.. i afraid that i will forget all my sweet memories.. and all my frens...  and i am afraid did not finished up my degree on the right time... i know it just a minor surgery.. but... it is in my head~~~ i know possibility to survive is 50-50... hehehe.. if my mom read these.. she must be mad.. because its sound im gonna died soon..... if the fate so... i want to says, I LOVE U mak and Abah ^_^.. and i love all my memories.... these 25 years memories will stay remaind as my best partner!!.. ok la.. x payah nak sedih sangat... GO ON khai!! u need some improvement.. 

huhu cHAiYOkkk!!

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